At Hirsch, Britt & Mosé, we are acutely aware that one of the primary concerns of clients today is receiving quality legal services while at the same time, minimizing litigation expenses. Toward this end, we have made it our goal to join as partners with our clients and their risk managers, claim department, and legal staff to create a team which can jointly develop and implement an effective litigation management plan on a case by case basis.

Our philosophy of case management encompasses the following:

  • Effective litigation planning and budgeting including identification of legal issues, evaluation of factual issues, analysis of venue, claims and defenses, injuries, the strength of opposing counsel as well as expected costs and expected results. Reports will be presented in a timely fashion in order to assure early planning and decision making.
  • As an integral part of our reporting, we develop an early evaluation of the case which will be provided to determine whether a case should be settled or defended. Thereafter, it is always our philosophy to strive toward the earliest resolution possible, consistent with the best interests of the client.
  • Strong communication through regular, substantive reporting throughout the life of a case, including the reporting of the progress and developments in cases as they occur as well as prompt responses to client memos and inquiries.
  • Sophisticated and well-maintained internal reports and checklists aimed at reducing the need for frequent file reviews and conferences, while at the same time assuring comprehensive attention and management of each case.
  • Detailed legal billing aimed at assisting your internal auditors to tract litigation expenses and to present a clear outline of services rendered.